Comparing Local Auto Repair vs. Dealership Shops

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If you need an auto repair, then you will first have to decide where to take your car for the repair.  This may be a difficult task, considering all of the available options.  What’s more is that it can be very hard to know if a mechanic’s shop is straight-dealing or not.  After weighing out all of the factors associated with getting an auto repair, some people opt to go with a small, independently-owned shop, while others opt to go with an auto dealer.  Which is best for you?  Here is a guide to comparing local auto repair versus dealership shops:

Cost.  When it comes to repair costs, independent shops are the clear winner over dealerships.  Why?  Because dealerships are generally much larger businesses with a lot more overhead, from the facility to advertising.  Dealerships offset their overhead costs by charging customers more.

Specialization.  One advantage dealerships have over independent shops is that they generally specialize in the makes and models of automobiles that they sell.  If you want to be sure that your auto mechanic has a considerable amount of relevant experience, then your best bet is to choose a dealership that specializes in the type of automobile you have.

Customer service.  Studies show that people who use small, local auto repair shops generally report that they are happy with the level of customer service they received, whereas dealership customers are less satisfied.  Dealerships naturally have a broader and larger customer base than small shops; therefore, it can be easy to feel like you are not much more than a number when you deal with a dealership.

Proprietary information.  As previously mentioned, dealership auto shops generally specialize in the makes and models they sell.  On top of that, they have proprietary information that independent shops don’t have; this means that they tend to know more about newer models, in advance, because they have a direct relationship with the manufacturer.  If you drive a new vehicle – especially one that is less than a year old – you should entrust your repairs to the dealership auto repair shop.

Warranty.  Many people think that using an independent auto repair shop voids the car’s warranty.  That is simply not true.  Therefore, small repairs (like oil changes and alignments, for example) can be inexpensively done in a local shop, while larger more expensive repairs that are covered by warranty might best be left in the hands of a dealership shop.

Finding the right auto repair shop for you can be a little intimidating.  If you want quality service from a name you can trust, then you should put your auto repairs into the hands of experienced professionals like us, Paul's Alignment & Brake Repair.  We can be reached by phone, at 812-283-7740, or email:

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